Gutter Cleaning

We protect your home from damage with our gutter cleaning services!
Our services, which covers the entire  Lower Mainland and Fraser valley , strive to be the most reliable and professional within our industry. Cleaning downspouts is a key part of home upkeep in the lower mainland; otherwise materials like leaves, moss and debris can accumulate and form blockages in your drainage systems that could eventually cause further damage. We take pride in our highly experienced workforce and also utilize only the highest quality tools and products when performing our jobs to guarantee the safety of your gutters..

Cleaning your gutters with our hi-tech equipment increases the effectiveness of your drainage system, protects your home from structural damage, and makes your house look beautiful. Book a free estimate today to see why Luxury Touch Power Washing is the Lower Mainland’s first choice for gutter cleaning.

It is not a one-size-fits-all process. Our technicians’ methods and processes are dependent on terrain, trees, roofing materials, gutter styles, and structural restraints.

Every project and home require different levels of work, so we price each job individually. We understand that customers want to get value for their money, so we strive to offer prices that are reasonable without sacrificing quality. We provide estimates and timelines with each quote, and the cost is based on the size of the property and other factors. We also offer additional packages if you’d like to bundle services together. To find out more about our pricing plans, click here.