Roof Cleaning / Moss Removal

Let Luxury Touch Power Washing act as your trusted ally against moss damage. Our roof treatments can help restore the look of your home while protecting it from structural issues. Uniformed technicians that know exactly how to remove it without damaging your roof in any way with pressure washers – because Luxury Touch Power Washing never does that. Make your home like new again and ensure lasting moss-free results for years!We have two types of moss control service options available.

Roof Moss Treatment:

Our technicians will saturate your roof with our soft washing system and dedicated solution , eradicating all moss and moss growth, which is usually gone within the same day.Particularly beneficial for asphalt shingle roof tiles, treating the roof to let the moss die off naturally prevents damage to shingles caused by the roots. Any dead moss won’t clog or fill up gutters as it disintegrates into the sediment, so before treatment, an interior gutter cleaning is recommended in order to guarantee proper drainage.

Roof De-moss and Treatment:

A variety of brushes will be used by our technicians to brush off all of the mossy areas on your roof and clear any tree debris from it. After that, the roof will be sprayed with our dedicated  solution and then washed off with low pressure system, which will kill any moss growth and protect your roof from moss coming back anytime soon. We provide comprehensive moss control services in Lower Mainland